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Gnoll Parkrun?

5km run - it's you against the clock.

Every Saturday at 9:00am

Gnoll Estate Country Park, Fairyland, Neath,  SA11 3BS.

What does it cost?

Nothing - it's free! but please register before your first run. Only ever register with parkrun once.

How fast do I have to be?

We all run for our own enjoyment. Please come along and join in whatever your pace!


Parkruns are organised, Free, Weekly, 5km timed runs taking place all around the world.

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 Race The Train

Race Date: Saturday 19 August, 2017

Race Edition: 34th Annual Race

Race Location: Tywyn, Mid Wales

For more info: http://www.racethetrain.com

Train Time 2016: - 1hr 48m 00s

Runners Winning Time 2016: 1hr 28m 14s

Should You Do Stretching Exercises Before You Work Out?

Admiral Swansea Bay 10k

The Admiral Swansea Bay 10k is one of the UK’s premier road races with a flat, fast and scenic route alongside the magnificent views of Swansea Bay.  The race is open to all abilities aged 15+. We hope to see you at the start! The 10k course takes place along the beautiful sweep of Swansea Bay. It’s a fast, flat course, perfect for improving your personal best.

Date:  24th September

Start Time: 1.00pm

Start Location: Outside St Helens Rugby Ground

Entry Fees:  

Adult Affiliated  -  £22.00

Adult Unaffiliated - £24.00

Online Entries Only - No Entries On The Day

For more info & to enter:  www.swanseabay10k.com/

Start Date:  Sunday 3rd September 2017

Start Time: 9.00am

Venue: Margam Country Park, Margam, Port Talbot,   South Wales, SA13 2TJ

Event Type: Cycle Sportive (Non-Competitive)

Choose from 2 route options

Long 72 Miles - Entry £25 Online - £35 on Day

Short 54 Miles - Entry £25 Online - £35 on Day

for more info & to enter online: www.thefivevalleys.co.uk

The Five Valleys Sportive -

Everyone needs to make use of some good stretching exercises before they do any other kinds of exercises. Stretching exercises are not something that you need to do just once or twice a week. It is important that you do some great stretching exercises before you exercise each and every time. These stretching exercises will help you to get your muscles warmed up; and ready for anything that you throw at them. With out stretching exercises you are bound to pull some muscles and this can hold you back.

You cannot afford to let your muscles get pulled and torn if you want to get in good shape, that is why it is so vitally important to learn some good stretching exercises.

The stretching exercises that you choose need not be too complex or too fancy, they only need to work. And not all stretching exercises are for everyone. There are different levels to stretching exercises just as there are with any other kind of exercise as well. The stretching exercises that you choose to do each time you work out should suit your exercises and your body.

For example you do not want to try advanced yoga on the first day you have tried yoga. You need to work up to the more advanced levels of stretching exercises. Keep this in mind and start with simple and easy stretches. This is the best way to stay in good shape all throughout your body. Remember that if you hurt yourself doing your stretching exercises you will not be able to do your regular exercises, you will be in too much pain. Even missing a few days can really throw off your stride when it comes to your exercise routines.

There are many books out there for you to read that will help you to find the best stretching exercises for your body type and fitness level. If you cannot afford to go out and buy a bunch of these expensive books then consider checking them out at your local library. There you will find all kinds of fantastic stretching exercises and they will not cost you anything, they are all free.

You can also find all kinds of great stretching exercises online. These will be everything that you need in order to start up a good stretching routine. These will keep you in tip top shape all year long and looking your absolute best. There are hundreds of websites on the internet that will be able to supply you with many different stretching exercises. These are the stretching exercises that you need to get your hands on. It is also these stretching exercises that will change your entire life. If your exercise routine needs a little pick me up then you can use these stretching exercises in order to give yours just that.